News & Announcements

Flu Shots Available

Flu shots are being made available to SEMS faculty and staff. Click on the attached link for more information.

2020 Census Count Reminder

Let's get counted, LCSD family! Participate in the 2020 Census Count: Your Response Matters! Click on the attached link to participate.

SEMS Balloon Car Project

Great things are happening throughout the LCSD! Check out how some students at Southeast Middle School are learning about engineering.

New Visitor Safety System Installed

Each LCSD campus has a special new addition this year, and it’s centered around safety. Click on the attached link to view a demonstration of how it works.

Distance Learning

It’s Distance Learning Day, and LCSD teachers are hard at work, exploring the most effective virtual learning techniques. Click on the attached link to see what one Southeast Middle School teacher is doing.

Mask Etiquette

Everyone must wear a mask on all LCSD sites. However, did you know that there is a right and wrong way to wear one? LCSD’s lead nurse is to the rescue to clear up any confusion. Click on the attached link for details.
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