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We will educate all students so they can become competent contributing members of society.
Lauderdale County Schools is committed to meeting the needs of all the students we serve, as we prepare them to be productive, contributing members of our community. In this pursuit, we know that students must have a passion or a desire for something – whether it’s academics, sports, or the arts. This passion is the driving force that gives them one reason to come to school, and thus, they are more likely to experience success.

Events Calendar

School Board Meeting

Time: 5 PM – 6:30 PM
Location: Central Services Office 301 46th Court, Meridian, MS

Educator Recruitment Fair

The 5th Annual Lauderdale County School District Educator Recruitment Fair has come to an end, but there's still time to join the family of #LCSDExcellence! Click on the attached link to find out important information on how you can join our team.

Crystallized Ornaments Lab Project

Check out what our inquisitive young scholars have been up to. They are putting into practice what they have learned in the classroom. Click on the attached link to learn more about their crystallized ornament projects.

School Board Tour

School board members recently had a chance to see first-hand what it's like to be a student on our campus. Click on the attached link to see what they learned during their annual campus tour.

Fossil Lab Work

Here's some of what's happening on campus. Mr. Dunnam Shirley’s classes modeled the fossil formation process using play dough, sugar cubes, and warm water in the lab. Way to go 8th graders! Click on the attached link to learn more about the experiment.

Facts & Numbers

  • A District's Grade Rating
  • 86.4% Graduation Rate
  • $5 Million in Scholarships Awarded
  • 57 National Board Certified Teachers
  • 74.6% Post-Secondary Enrollment
  • 18.2 Average Composite LCSD ACT score
  • 82.9% Experienced Teachers
  • 50.9% Bachelor Degree Recipients
  • 44.9% Master Degree Recipients
  • 99.2% Pass Rate for Dual Credit Enrollment
  • 97.4% LCSD Pass Rate for Third Grade Reading Assessment
  • 68.1% score Silver & Higher on ACT WorkKeys
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